Surprise Engagement Proposal in Bristol

Proposal Photography in Bristol

Ana and Tom started dating just before the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. They went on a trip to Madrid and that’s when the news hit. Given the circumstances and a chance they might not see each other for a very long time, they decided to move in together. Eighteen months later, they have already planned the whole wedding, including all the details and picked their outfits. The only thing missing was the engagement ring on Ana’s finger. It was so exciting to be invited to shoot this surprise engagement proposal in Bristol.

Apparently Ana senses everything that Tom is planning, so imagine her surprise when during the photoshoot in Bristol city centre, Tom kneeled down outside their favourite pub, Seamus O’Donnells, and asked her to marry him. She did not suspect a thing! Well done, Tom.

From then onwards it was just giggles and excitement.

As the weather wasn’t great to start with, we hang around St Nicolas’s Market, taking advantage of the empty spaces and a roof. The sky started to clear soon, so we walked along Harbourside looking for cool places to take photos and getting to know each other.

Tom even admitted that having the experience, he could happily become a model.
Do you know of any bowtie companies who would be interested in hiring Tom? He’s a natural and he has a vast collection of bowties.


Ana and Tom:

“Bo made us feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, not an easy feat for my Chandler-like fiancée.
It was an amazing day, very enjoyable and easy for us, and the pictures are AMAZING. We keep getting compliments on them, and I couldn’t stop grinning the first time I saw them. Highly recommend!”


If you’re thinking of proposing to your significant other and would like to catch this moment on camera, please let me know. I love photographing such exciting moments.