3 Reasons Why you Should have a Couple Photoshoot

3 Reasons Why you Should have a Couple Photoshoot

In case if you were wondering why wedding photographers think that having a photoshoot before your wedding day is a great idea, let me tell you why. Here are my 3 reasons why you should have a couple photoshoot.


1. Getting comfortable in front of the camera

A couple photoshoot is a great opportunity to ‘practice’ being in front of the camera before your wedding day. By planning something you both enjoy or going to a place that has a special meaning to you, it will get you more excited about the photoshoot. Treat it as a date, a chance to take a break from your busy lives and enjoy each other’s company.
Having a couple photoshoot before the wedding will take the additional stress away from the big day, as you will know what a session looks like. Which brings me to my next reason…

2. Get to know your photographer

Booking a couple photo session before your wedding day is a great opportunity to connect with your photographer. This is a person who will be with you all day long. From the moment you’re getting ready to late at night.
A wedding photographer shouldn’t be just another vendor on your to do list. It is very important to feel comfortable in their presence. It makes for a better experience and photos. During a photoshoot you will see how your photographer works, you will have a chance to chat, get to know each other. It won’t be stranger with a camera anymore, but another friend at the party.
Also go and follow your photographer on social media. You will get to know them better and see their work for other couples.

3. Do something adventurous & fun together

How do you like spending your free time together? How would your prefect date look like? By answering these question you will have a plan for an awesome couple photoshoot.
If you love travelling to new places, bring your photographer along to document your adventures in a beautiful way.
Maybe you’d like to go hiking and spend a couple of hours getting to your favourite hill top. Have a picnic with a stunning view or crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
How about taking your dogs to the beach? Would like to go swimming at sunset, light a bonfire at night to roast marshmallows and play the guitar?
Perhaps nature is not your thing and you’d prefer to visit all coffee shops in the city. Maybe going to museums is your thing. Visiting all records shops?
You can even decide to have an at-home photoshoot. Rent a cute Airbnb while you are visiting your favourite place. Why not to start your session with breakfast in bed and coffee while playing board games.
There is no one right way to do this. Whatever you think will make you happy is the perfect reason why you should have a couple photoshoot.
Remember that your photographer will have plenty of ideas as well and can help you plan your adventure.

Bonus Tip #4: Celebrate YOU!


Are you married already? Not problem at all!
There are plenty of reasons why you can decide to have a photoshoot. Phone snaps and selfies are fine, but investing in professional photographs is so special.
It could be a photoshoot at your new house. Anniversaries are a great reason why you should have a couple photoshoot. Or maybe you’re pregnant and you’d love to have some photos taken to celebrate that?
As with any other photoshoot, the sky is the limit when to comes to planning those few hours or a whole day even.
I have to say, I love couple photoshoots. Maybe I’m biased, but the total freedom of what to do gets me super excited. There are no timelines we need to stick to, no restrictions. The only limitation is our creativity! How not to get excited by that.
If you share my enthusiasm about couple photoshoots, please let me know. We can create something special for you two.
In the meantime, have a look at what a couple session could look like: